Underworld Awakening in 3D – Gross

What I liked:

The film opens with a quick recap of the previous movies in this ridiculous franchise so I was able to follow the plot without issue (and save myself 6 hours of viewing the first three films – much appreciated).  The action sequences were impressive – which is good because the acting was not.  Most of the film was devoted to gruesome battle scenes with minimal dialogue.  This suited me.  Finally, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) looked amazing in her black latex suit – which encouraged me to do my yoga workout this morning.

What I hated:

This film was another example of why I hate 3D.  The action sequences suffered because image quality was lost in 3D – it actually subtracted from the film’s only good point.  [Side note about 3D in general:  I wear glasses so having to wear two pairs of glasses sucked – oh and my ticket was $15.50.  I could puke.]

The lycans look ridiculous and should be called werewolves, the word “lycan” makes me think of green algae.

The plot, script, and acting were all terrible.  There were some gross parts in the film too — SPOILER ALERT — I closed my eyes for this but there’s a part where a needle gets shoved into someone’s eyeball, and it lasts longer than a second, which in my opinion is too long for an eye stabbing scene.

Favorite Character:

I liked Detective Sabastian played by Michael Ealy (figures, I enjoyed the only human in the film’s acting the most).

Favorite Line:

“My heart’s not cold, it’s broken.” – Selene

Bottom Line:

As with most franchises that produce more than three films (with the exception of Harry Potter) Underworld Awakening wasn’t my cup of tea, however I can see why it would be alluring to a certain demographic (males ages 15 – 30) and so it serves it’s purpose in that regard.  Kate looked hot, there was plenty of violence/CGI effects, and they left room for another film.  Goodie.


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