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How to Train Your Dragon – LIVE

This morning my husband and I woke up earlier than we normally would on a Saturday to take our 4 year old nephew Landon into DC for DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular.  Landon developed a mild obsession when the movie came out on DVD and has watched it a million times.  The movie is fantastic, so when I discovered a LivingSocial deal in my inbox for the live performance, I knew we had to take Landon to see his favorite dragons, up close and personal.

Landon loved the performance, the acting was good and the visual effects of the stage were creative and engaging.  The best part of the show?  The dragons.  Huge animatronic creations that replicated the beasts from Landon’s favorite movie perfectly.  My favorite part of the show was the ending where a huge dragon chase ensues; it was beautifully executed.  There were a few lulls in the performance where I checked my Facebook and Twitter feeds – but the kids were engrossed so that’s all that matters.  Click here to read a fair review of the show by Entertainment Weekly (of which I am an avid reader).

A couple of tips/things you should know if you’re planning on taking children to see this show:

1.  Have them use the bathroom right before the performance (this might be a no brainer for parents – but for those of us with no kids on a full time basis it’s worth mentioning).

2.  Viking helmets are $20.00.  They are not cheap but cheaply made.  Save your money or buy a program instead.

3.  There were 2 technical difficulties during the performance that resulted in disruptive 10 – 15 minute breaks in the performance (this is in addition to the 20 minute intermission) though the adults found this irritating, Landon could care less, he was completely captivated from beginning to end.

4.  The show we went to had only a couple hundred people, which surprised me – since it was a rainy Saturday in DC.